For the second volume of NCT 127‘s Japanese fact book of sorts, NCT 127 Official Book, Taeyong opened up about himself and how fondly he viewed his members.

Since he mentioned some of the things he’s been loving, the topic wouldn’t be complete without knowing what his current ideal type is.

nct 127 taeyong 2

While the question would automatically prompt someone to name all the physical traits they prefer in a significant other, Taeyong wasn’t focused on anything superficial.

Knowledge was what set someone apart for him and made them attractive. There was also a specific level of intelligence that mattered most, “Someone who is smarter than me.

nct 127 taeyong 1

There are two reasons why it’s so essential to Taeyong. Not only would he be able to hold witty and refreshing conversations with them, but he would also be able to learn from them in the process.

That’s why he further clarified when asked to name something he can’t resist falling for, “When I think someone’s smart by what they say or the way they think.

nct 127 taeyong 3

If you want to catch Taeyong’s attention, your physical appearance isn’t the deciding factor. It’s all about the knowledge swirling around in your head. He also mentioned, “I want to receive love,” meaning he doesn’t mind someone showering him with all the love he deserves.

All it takes is some smarts and affection to win over the sweet and caring Taeyong that looks after his members. It’s time to download those e-books and sign up for online classes, if you haven’t already.