NCT 127 shared their excitement about first solo concert, and shared their gratitude for the support they’ve received from other SM artists.

On January 27, NCT 127 held a press conference ahead of the second day of their “NEO CITY: SEOUL – The Origin” concerts. When asked how they feel about holding their first solo concert, Taeyong replied, “To have such a great opportunity makes us feel proud of ourselves and grateful to all those who have helped us,” and “I’m so happy that something I’ve dreamed of since my trainee days has become a reality.”

Member Haechan was unfortunately unable to participate in the performance portions of the concert because of an injury. In December, he fractured his tibia (shinbone) while preparing for end-of-the-year performances. He stated, “I wasn’t able to work on the choreography with the other members because of my injury. Though that made me sad, I’m still able to join the others for our ballad stages.”

On the first day of concerts, TVXQ’s Yunho, EXO’s Xiumin, and Red Velvet attended the concert to show their support for their juniors. Looking back on the day, Mark said, “We were so grateful that they came. They visited us backstage before the concert started, and we were really nervous. Listening to their feedback after the concert warmed our hearts. We were so grateful and we felt reassured. We are so grateful.”

Taeyong added, “Yunho has been helping us since we were trainees. He even monitored our performances while he was in the army. He’s shown us so much affection, so having him come to our concert made us feel more at ease. He gave us lots of great advice, and that gave us more strength. I think that’s why we were able to have such a successful first day of performances.”

Johnny chimed in with, “Yunho said, ‘If I see Doyoung one more time, I might fall for him.’ I think we were able to showcase our charms as individuals.” The members added, “[Red Velvet’s] Irene bought us snacks and drinks to energize us. We were so moved and we really enjoyed them.”

Following their performances in Seoul, NCT 127 will be heading to Japan in February to continue their concerts, performing across seven cities.

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