After appearing in a recent edition of Vogue Japan, NCT 127 paired up and took part in a “Friendship Test” on the magazine’s YouTube channel.

Although all of the members seemed very close, Mark and Yuta seemed to showcase their special bond with each other.

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| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As soon as the video started, Yuta made NCTzens soft, describing his relationship with Mark.

Right now, we are close like family. To me, he’s a necessary presence in my life.

— Yuta

After hearing their heartwarming memories and feelings towards each other, the members then complimented their partners.

Mark was the first to compliment Yuta, and, with only a few words, he managed to melt the hearts of fans!

He makes you feel like it’s okay to be yourself, and he’s a comfortable guy to be around.

— Mark

Yuta seemed to have the perfect response. Alongside calling Mark “cute,” he emphasized a familial love he has for his younger member.

In a lot of ways, I think if I had a real brother, he could be very much like you. Other people see you as a person who raps and dances well and is very cool. But, for me, I see you as a cute and good little brother.

— Yuta

During the next round of compliments, Mark and Yuta continued to show off their adorable friendship.

He has a very pure, innocent, and kind heart. In a lot of ways, you tell people what’s on your mind, and I like that.

— Mark

Yuta then reminded fans that sometimes being there for someone can mean the world to them and make a huge difference.

Being in a team, I’ve felt that being comfortable with one another makes a lasting relationship. I’m comfortable with the other members. But, when I’m with Mark, I don’t think of all the little things that don’t matter.

— Yuta

With both members having to leave their homes to pursue their dream, there is no denying that Mark and Yuta have a beautiful brotherly bond!

You can watch the whole video full of adorable NCT 127 friendship below.