Ever since BLACKPINK‘s Lisa dropped one of her iconic Lillifilm dance videos, her legs have become such a well-known meme that even non-K-Pop fans joined in on the fun. This time, NCT‘s Chenle is the next celebrity to take part.

blackpink lisa 1

A fan’s creatively funny Weibo post had Chenle wanting to be made into a meme as well.

nct dream chenle

On the social media site, a fan posted a series of hilarious photos of Jisung with Lisa’s legs titled “Save me.” They matched up so well that even Chenle took notice.

nct jisung weibo chenle
| Weibo

Chenle commented, “Please do one for me too.” That was all fans needed to get to work on the request, gaining hundreds of replies.

nct dream chenle weibo
| Weibo

Chinese NCTzens swiftly fulfilled his request by taking photos of Chenle and pairing them with the same leg pose as Jisung’s. In fact, they even took it up a notch by getting even more creative.

nct chenle blackpink lisa legs 3
| @nctdaoying/Twitter

nct chenle blackpink lisa legs 4
| @nctdaoying/Twitter

They took some of Chenle’s funny poses and paired them with Lisa’s legs for an even more hilarious meme.

nct chenle blackpink lisa legs 1

Bringing back a real throwback of Lisa’s leg meme, another fan had everyone cracking up with one of Chenle laying down.

nct chenle blackpink lisa legs 2
| Weibo

Whatever Chenle wants, Chenle gets—even if it’s as funny as a meme of himself with Lisa’s legs.