There are many celebrity sibling pairs, but how many of them can live up to the fashion sense of NCT‘s Doyoung and actor Gong Myung? BNT News recently picked them as one of the celebrity brothers that absolutely shake hearts with their boyfriend looks. Here are 5 moments in which they wore similar outfits but looked equally as handsome!

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| @0myung_0526/Instagram

1. Checkered Shirts

NCTzens will know that Doyoung loves his checkered shirts! Here he rocks one that he has often been seen wearing, a piece from local Korean brand, Jhonny West.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Gong Myung also can rock the casual button-up! It must be in their genes to have such broad shoulders!

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| @0myung_0526/Instagram

2. A fall coat

We love men that rock coats in the fall! Doyoung wears a beige handmade wool piece, pairing it with glasses for a casual yet smart look.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Gong Myung rocked a similar look with a slightly more formal blazer coat for a pictorial. His windswept hair and sharp jawline makes him look otherworldly.

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| @0myung_0526/Instagram

3. Vibin’ in leather

Or pleather! Doyoung was often dressed in the edgy material for his promotions with “Punch”. Here he is seen with a pleather long-sleeved shirt and a huge chunky chain, a step away from his usual preppy boyfriend looks.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Gong Myung wore a leather jacket that was kept simple with no accessories. The jacket itself also has a boxy fit and no chain or zipper detailing, giving it a more wearable, casual look.

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| @0myung_0526/Instagram

4. Sweet in stripes

Gong Myung wore this striped polo tee to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, and made sure to snap an adorable picture to share with fans. His look is kept fashionable, with the nerdcore trend.

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| @0myung_0526/Instagram

Doyoung wore a bright blue striped piece that is now soldout on the website, due to his popularity. Sleepy eyes, bedhead and a comfy sweater? Sign us up.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

5. Casual in sweats

Last but not least, we love a guy that can look just as good in sweats as he does in a suit! Gong Myung looked like the very epitome of a college boyfriend in a lettered sweatshirt and a baseball cap. His look is enhanced by his matching of the cap’s color to the piping on his sweatshirt, making him look a little more put together.

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| @0myung_0526/Instagram

Take a tip from Doyoung on how to look chic in sweats! Doyoung went for a monochrome look with a black, formfitting top and black slacks. While he doesn’t look too done up, he also could walk into any upscale restaurant with this and pass.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Well, you know what they always say! The face completes the fashion. These looks looked doubly as good because of the good genes the family has! In other news, while NCT is currently on a break from music promotions, Gong Myung has just been picked up for a new drama, 6/45.