Doyoung showed his morning routine during his 8 – 9 AM NCT relay cam, and it was super relatable. He shared that he is usually not up at this time, which was clear from how sleepy he looked. But nonetheless, he got out of bed so he could film content for the relay cam. However, it was his choice of activities that had NCTzens nodding in agreement.

First things first was to put on a hoodie and sleepily fix his hair, which didn’t quite work the way he wanted it to.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 10.38.35 AM
| NCT/YouTube

Next, was to get some food. Doyoung chose to eat an apple, telling NCTzens that he’s been getting healthier. After finishing that, he moves to pour himself some of his favorite cereal, which was a struggle considering how large the bag was.

Turns out the apple and cereal wasn’t enough, so he also ate a few pieces of tteok (rice cakes) that he had bought a few days earlier.

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| NCT/YouTube

After finishing some tteok, he settled down and admitted that he was full and sleepy, leading NCTzens to think that he was done with his little morning mukbang…only to get up and eat some ice cream. Honestly, mood.

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| NCT/YouTube

After enjoying a few bites of his ice cream, he declared that was going back to sleep, promptly wrapping himself into a blanket burrito in his chair. Doesn’t look much different from my weekend mornings.

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| NCT/YouTube