NCT DREAM Haechan‘s “Haechan Radio” is back for episode five with guests Renjun, Jeno, and Jisung, and the topic of the hour is spring.

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Now that spring is here, Haechan asked his fellow members what activities or foods are a must-have during this season.

Haechan also added that he loves wearing short sleeves in the warmer spring weather, and Renjun also suggested seeing the cherry blossoms. The members all had different ways of enjoying spring, so Haechan called Chenle to get his thoughts as well. And for the most part, his answer was normal too.

That is, until Haechan asked if there was any food that he must have during spring.

His members laughed at his sophisticated answer, but were not at all surprised as it fit his “President Chenle” persona. Chenle certainly knows how to relax and unwind!