Whenever NCT Dream‘s Chenle has the chance, he never fails to mention how much he idolizes American basketball star Stephen Curry.

stephen curry @warriors
Stephen Curry | @warriors/Twitter

On top of receiving an invite to one of his future games, after the pandemic, Chenle has received another special gift from his role model.

nct mark chenle johnny @NCTsmtown
Mark, Chenle, and Johnny. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

While fans weren’t allowed to deliver the autographed Stephen Curry jersey they got for Chenle in the past, they’ll no longer have to worry.

Chenle received an autographed basketball jersey straight from Stephen Curry himself, which the team even posted a photo of the idol wearing on their Weibo page.

nct dream chenle golden state warriors weibo
| 金州勇士/Weibo

In a short clip uploaded to NCT’s main Twitter, Chenle thanked Stephen Curry and the team for the precious gift, sending cheers and well wishes to them all:

Thank you to the Golden State Warriors and to Stephen Curry for the uniform and autograph. I absolutely appreciate your gift, and I hope the best for the entire team. I hope everyone stays safe. Continue being the greatest. Thank you.

— Chenle

It didn’t go unnoticed by Stephen Curry, who once again replied to Chenle’s tweet with a short but warm reply.

Through the Golden State Warrior’s Twitter, the team also showed appreciation for Chenle’s kind words.

Between getting noticed by the team and Stephen Curry, while also receiving the long-awaited basketball jersey, Chenle must be over the moon.

nct mark chenle johnny 1 @NCTsmtown
| @NCTsmtown/Twitter