NCT Dream‘s official Twitter account has a beloved hashtag that is “???? by #Jaemin“. For uploads that feature Jaemin’s photography, the account adds this tags to share that bit of fact with the fans.

nct dream


And over the past several posts featuring this “???? by #Jaemin” tag, NCTzens have realized that Jaemin is actually quite a talented portrait photographer!

jaemin main


He knows exactly how to capture the moment when photographing his teammates…

Renjun by Jaemin


… which results in these breathtaking pictures that seem like they were taken professionally.

jisung 3
Jisung by Jaemin


Jaemin has mentioned before that he is studying photography and photoshop so he can share snaps from NCT Dream’s everyday moments with NCTzens.

Jeno by Jaemin


Fans can’t help but UWU at how sweet Jaemin is for doing so…

jeno chenle
Jeno & Chenle by Jaemin


… and doing so this well!

Renjun by Jaemin


NCTzens look forward to seeing more of Photographer Jaemin’s work, to be shared on Twitter!