In addition to their bracelet, NCT DREAM now have friendship rings thanks to Renjun who suggested the idea!

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

In their recent V Live, Jisung expressed his surprise when Renjun first shared the idea with him, saying “Really? Oh…sure!Jeno on the other hand, was a bit more hesitant. “I said ‘Whatever you want!’ but inside I thought ‘I wish you wouldn’t.’” But not because he didn’t want to get the rings themselves, but because Renjun mentioned an expensive brand.

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Jisung (left) and Jeno (right) | NCT/V Live

Jeno even hilariously revealed that Renjun had first shown them wedding rings.

Jeno: At first, he showed us wedding rings. I said “Maybe not this one.

Jisung: Later we said “Sure” and we got them. I wanted to get them.

Friendship goals, am I right?

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Jeno and Jisung joked that they were distressed with the price of the rings after a previous bet Haechan made with the member that involved ₩200,000 ($179 USD). The two did not specify the details around the bet, aside from mentioning “the school’s chin-up bar.” Sounds like typical NCT DREAM antics.