NCT Dream‘s Jisung is causing a stir among fans for his handwriting. But, not just any handwriting: his signature.


Twitter user @JlSUNGlE compiled many of them, and the changes between them are so obvious that fans can’t decide on which one is the best.

nct dream jisung

The standard Jisung signature appears to be his name with the first letter turned into a simple, cute smiley face. But, he’ll sometimes take it out of hand.

nct dream jisung signature 1

He’ll either simplify the smiley faces or exaggerate them even more. With Jisung, it seems like you’ll never know which one you’ll get.

nct dream jisung signature

And, it doesn’t end there. Sometimes Jisung will replace his standard smiley face by turning them into animals.

nct dream jisung signature

Or, he’ll give the faces other facial expressions besides smiling, like anger or sadness, and change their shape entirely.

jisung signatures nct dream

Jisung’s signature changes whenever he wants, and the constant back and forth keeps NCTzens on their toes. Out of all the signatures, which one is your favorite?