NCT DREAM sat down with Esquire to react to memes NCTzens made of them on the Internet, and they enjoyed them just as much as fans did.

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| Esquire/YouTube

The first meme was of Mark and Squidward, or how the two looked exactly the same.

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He revealed that he’s actually seen this meme before, and was honestly pretty happy with the hilarious comparison.

We also have the classic dichotomy memes, this time featuring Jaemin.

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But rather than seeing it as being untrustworthy, Jaemin saw it as his duality. And he’s not wrong.

Next up was this masterpiece detailing each member’s dyed hair as a specific type of toothpaste.

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The members all had mixed reactions as they reminisced on their respective hair colors.

And of course we can’t forget this iconic meme of Mark from the Neo City world tour.

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The members wouldn’t stop clowning him and copying his actions while Mark tried to explain what was going on.

To see the rest of the memes and memories NCT DREAM reacted to, watch the full video below!