NCT Dream announced that they’ve collaborated with American-Canadian pop group, PRETTYMUCH, on the latter’s latest new album “INTL:EP”! One of the tracks, titled ‘Up To You’, will feature NCT Dream as the two group’s contrasting music styles will mesh together for a unique sound!

nct dream prettymuch collab


NCT Dream was asked what it was like to collab with PRETTYMUCH, and they revealed that it was “such a fun time” to work with artists that they listen to frequently.

We enjoy listening to songs by PRETTYMUCH often. We had such a fun time participating in their album.

— NCT Dream


PRETTYMUCH reciprocated the love by also stating how excited they were to work with NCT Dream.

We are very happy that we got to collaborate with popular K-Pop artists like NCT Dream. They fit our new song ‘Up to You’ very well, and we hope everyone enjoys listening to it.



PRETTYMUCH is a 5-member boy group produced by legendary producer, Simon Cowell, who also produced One Direction. Their new album will drop on November 22!

Check out their latest drop, “Me Necesita”!