Of Billboard‘s many charts and rankings, they drop a list once a year that highlights artists on the younger side. They choose twenty-one artists from around the world under twenty-one years old and rising on the music scene. With NCT Dream making the 2020 list, they’ve set a new record for all Asian artists.

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Though the list has other big names such as Billie Eilish and the Beyoncé-backed duo Chloe X Halle, NCT Dream is the only Asian artist to make the list three years in a row since 2018.

Since they’ve featured on the list once again, the magazine asked Haechan to share how being young has contributed to the group’s success.

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Haechan pointed out how thankful he is for discovering his dream at an early how pursuing it led him to where the group is now. “I’m really grateful that I found what I liked to do at a young age, and that’s what brought me this far.

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Since NCT Dream had to give up parts of their childhood to become the well-known group they are, they’ve gained other experiences and achievements like this one: “Of course, there were things I needed to give up in order to pursue my dreams, but I’ve also gained that much more during the process.

Like most of the members would agree with, Haechan expressed his desire for them to achieve even more accomplishments in the future, “And I want to achieve even more moving forward.

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Even though NCT Dream may not promote as frequently as fans wish, the group always delivers with quality and never fails to set new records. Congratulations to the group on yet another achievement only the seven of them can achieve together.

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