Recently, on his solo radio show, NCT Dream’s Renjun wanted to bring up the subject of family considering how close it has been getting to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

nct dream renjun

The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated in China and Vietnam which celebrates three fundamental concepts of Gathering, Thanksgiving and Praying.

The festival centres on the Gathering of the family, to give Thanks for their blessings and to Pray for good luck for the future.

mid autumn festival

Renjun highlighted that it is important to appreciate the memories spent with family during this time.

In particular, it made him think of the affection and tenderness he felt from his mother, even when times were less than ideal.

NCT Dream Renjun

During his childhood, there were times where there were power outages, meaning that Renjun’s family didn’t have any electricity, even at night.

Unexpectedly, Renjun highlighted that he actually enjoyed those times where there were electrical outages.

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In a time where some people can’t even live without their phones, living without electricity could be inconceivable! Yet, Renjun explained why he had such fondness for this experience.

Whenever the power went out, his mother had to make the best of the situation.


Since the television was out, to entertain Renjun, his mother would blow up balloons in all sorts of shapes!

Renjun vividly remembers that his mother blew balloons that were shaped like a snowman and ones that were shaped like the Chinese snack Tanghulu.


This kept Renjun delighted as a child to the point where he looked forward to the next power outage!

Renjun also recalled that his mother would bring out all the candles, helping the family to make the most out of the evening.

And it looked like her magic worked well!

nct dream renjun

Renjun recalled that whenever the power went out, he would grab a bunch of balloons and candles and run up to his mother, in preparation of this fun ritual.

I hoped that the power would go out, once it did, I would grab candles and balloons, and run over saying “Mama, the power’s out, blow some balloons for me!”

nct dream renjun

Indeed, this memory certainly captures the significance of family. With Renjun returning back to China during Mid-Autumn Festival, fans can expect that he will continue to appreciate his childhood memories with his family.

Looks like familial love can make anything happen, even having fun during a power outage!