It all started on one fateful day, when NCT‘s Jaehyun decided to remove his profile picture on Dear U. Bubble

| @benne_jh

…and in less than 10 minutes, he replaced it with a professional shot from their album concept photos.

| @benne_jh

He then changed it again within a matter of seconds, this time, to a boyfriend-material worthy shot.

| @benne_jh

Fans were puzzled when they checked back 10 minutes later, only to find that he’d changed it to a super close-up shot.

| @benne_jh

However, this was the one that stayed, and of course, fans had to copy it! Valentines all over the world immediately changed their profile picture to match.

| @jaesprint/Twitter 

The row of mini Jaehyuns are hilarious.

| @jaesprint/Twitter

Fans also trended #JaehyunBubble and #BubblePFP due to the adorable incident.

| @lee_sizni/Twitter

How’s that for being the nation’s it-boy?