NCT just recently concluded a round of videocall fansigns and one particular fan of maknae Jisung had the cutest interaction with him.


As everyone knows by now, bad internet quality can really make or break a videocall fansign. From choppy audio to a lag in video, messages can be misconveyed or time wasted. Sometimes, if the quality is too bad, the idols will often restart the call.


However, one fan, @Blueberry_JS, had such great quality in her call that other fans began to ask her how she managed to record Jisung in such high quality.

On her sub-account, she shared that unfortunately, the high-quality videocall was only one-sided. Due to bad internet quality, on either her side or SM Entertainment’s side, her own voice quality was choppy. It got so bad that Jisung innocently ended up clowning her!

Jisung asked, “Perhaps, noona, are you doing laundry at the moment?

He even did his signature head-tilt pose! Of course, everyone found the maknae absolutely adorable for this! Catch more of Jisung’s cute moments in his “Rooftop Fight” video below.