Although NCT‘s maknae, Jisung, has turned a full-fledged adult in Korea as of 2021, he will always be the baby of the team. But as cute as he is, sometimes, we just don’t know what he’s thinking! Here are 8 of his adorable yet questionable moments that will probably have you going uwu.

1. Don’t play with your food, honey

Jisung, put that spoon down before you injure someone!

| SM Entertainment

2. The iconic meme

His pose has now become an iconic meme within the fandom.

| SM Entertainment

3. Oh, sweetie…

That’s not where it goes…

| SM Entertainment

4. Put that down!

Jisung, honey. Cushions are not meant for your head.

| Huya

5. What…?

Chenle don’t copy him!

| Seezn

6. Sleep on beds, not Jisung

A personal favorite, we thought it was adorable how he slept under the carpets in the living room.

7. Baby, that’s a plant

When they said talk to your plants, I don’t think this is what they meant.

| SM Entertainment

8. Sweetie, that’s a wall

One day, he talks to a plant, the other, a wall.

| @sungiefairy/Twitter

Well that’s our adorable, but goofy maknae for you!

| SM Entertainment