After getting settled in NCT and snagging a spot as an Inkigayo MC, Sungchan revealed which of his idol seniors he thought of the most highly.

nct sungchan @NCTsmtown
Sungchan | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

During one of the group’s many online fan signings, an NCTzen asked Sungchan if there was an idol senior that he was fond of most. He stuck close to home and chose one from SM Entertainment.

nct sungchan @kpop_sbs
| @kpop_sbs/Twitter

Among SM Entertainment’s well-known senior groups like TVXQ, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation, Sungchan didn’t hesitate to pick a member of EXO.

exo xiumin baekhyun

Joining idols like ATEEZ‘s San, Sungchan’s most liked idol senior is the multi-talented Kai.

From his charming personality to his breathtaking skills, no wonder Kai is just as popular with idols from his own company as well. Many would make the same choice.

exo kai