It was not too long ago that NCT’s Sungchan debuted in the group, yet, he’s already managed to feature in a solo pictorial and interview with Allure Korea! He truly is something else! In his interview, Sungchan discussed his time as a trainee to debuting in the notorious group.


In his interview, Sungchan discussed his feelings about participating in this solo interview away from his several members.

Q: It’s the first time for a solo pictorial and an interview for the first time. How do you feel when you finish filming and do an interview?

I always think that I should do well when I am with the members, but I thought I should do even better because Dr. G chose me today. It wasn’t long since I debuted, but because I had a great opportunity to take a pictorial by myself, I said that I should do well.

— Sungchan



Sungchan then shared that he felt he still has a long way to grow as an idol and stated that he’s “Lacking a lot now.”

Q: Everyone is curious about Sungchan. Sungchan, who is it?

I think I am a person who is lacking a lot now. (Laughs) Still, a person who continues to develop. Today’s shooting seems to be more advanced than when I first filmed.

— Sungchan

allure sungchan

Sungchan then opened up about his time going from a trainee to finally debuting as an idol! Not only did Sungchan get to debut as an idol, but into one of the current biggest groups in K-Pop! Of course with that comes some pressure.

Q: A trainee’s dream is his debut, your first dream came true with your NCT debut last year. How did you feel when you first heard about your debut?

I couldn’t believe it. It is difficult to express in other words. My mom loved it so much, and my trainee friends also congratulated me a lot. Debuting was also a dream, but I also thought that my debut is not the end but just the beginning. Now that i’ve joined NCT, I want to become a valuable person who can raise the status of the team called NCT. I want to be recognized in many ways.

— Sungchan

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The trainee’s efforts are not well known to the world. What have you been trying to do during your time as a trainee?

I’ve been a trainee for about 4 years. At first, I was almost the age of the youngest, but after about 3-4 years, I was the oldest. There were times when it was mentally difficult.

— Sungchan

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Q: Last year, for the second full album, all members of NCT promoted at the same time. How did it feel to be a part of such a big project as soon as you debuted? They say, in terms of corporate settings, that it’s better for rookies to go through a big project as early as possible.

Well, the hyungs all had experience because they debuted years ago. But I had zero knowledge. So I learned a lot from them coaching me along the way. I don’t think I would have picked up as much if I debuted with a completely new team. But with the hyungs guiding me, I was definitely able to understand things faster. This being my first time though, I do wish I could have done better. Next promotion, I’m going to try even harder so I’m a hundred percent satisfied with my work.

— Sungchan

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Next, Sungchan was asked what he wasn’t used to before but has now grown accustomed to! He mentioned being a part of a huge group as something that took some getting used to.

Q: Some of the new things you’ve gotten used to?

Twenty-three people together. When we are on stage together, we don’t have to take a break when waiting. There is no time to keep talking or to get bored. Now the atmosphere is familiar.

— Sungchan

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Sungchan then expressed the sadness he endures due to not being able to see his fans since debuting. Because of COVID-19, meeting fans face to face has become unsafe, so you can only imagine how hard it is to debut during this scary time.

I won first place with no fans at all. I have never met fans before. I had a fan signing event and a concert over video calls, but in reality I have never met them. So I don’t even feel that I debuted. Because there are no people who recognize me and I have never seen fans in person (laughs).

— Sungchan

nct sungchan

He continued and conveyed that he hopes that he can meet his fans this year!

I definitely want to meet you this year. During the SMtown online concert, I asked my hyungs, and they said that they had a different feeling from having fans.

— Sungchan


Hopefully, the world will become a safer place soon so that Sungchan and NCTzens can officially meet in person!