NCT‘s Taeyong polishes every outfit off with a choker and it’s totally hot. From belts and chains to glitter and sparkles, here are 9 of his sexiest moments to bless your eyes.

1. This 90’s heartthrob aesthetic. ????

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2. The combination of the belt, zipper, and buckle makes us weak.

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3. Casually making a collar look hot AF.

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4. This boy can seriously accessorize…and it’s hot.

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5. When you say you want a goth boyfriend, this is what you mean.

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6. Taeyong knows exactly what he’s doing to fans.

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7. “WOW” says it all.

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8. The pop of red adds just enough edge to his look.

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9. In need of a choker? Use a belt like Taeyong!