While NCT 127 received their Special Award at the Indonesia Television AwardsTaeyong‘s visuals were so captivating that one of the cameramen couldn’t look elsewhere.


They were so enamored that they couldn’t stop focusing the camera on him.

nct 127 indonesian television awards

Between Mark, Jaehyun, and Taeyong, the cameraman focused on Taeyong, zooming in closely on his face. It didn’t end there either.

In a group shot, the cameraman instantly found Taeyong and zoomed in close once more as he was talking to Doyoung.

At the start of their “Regular” performance, the cameraman instantly zoomed in on Taeyong. A fan even joked that the cameraman was in “Taeyongland.”

Even overseas cameramen aren’t immune to Taeyong’s visuals and charms. Then again, who is?

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