NCT‘s Yuta hosted a guest on his radio program YUTA At Home for the first time. It was none other than his longtime idol and role model, TVXQ‘s Changmin!

When Changmin realized he was the first guest ever to grace the show, he teased Yuta. He said, “Really? NCT member hasn’t come? Isn’t that too much of them? Those boys!”

yuta at home2
TVXQ’s Changmin (left) and NCT’s Yuta (right) | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Yuta kept it no secret that he was a fan of TVXQ. He told Changmin that they inspired him to become an idol in Korea. This surprised Changmin so much that he believed a staff member must have written it for Yuta to say! Yuta disproved by pointing out that he regularly talks about his admiration for TVXQ.

yuta at home
| @InterFM897/Twitter

They also remembered meeting each other for the first time. Yuta recalled Changmin’s kind words that meant so much to him that he remembers it to this day. Changmin had wished Yuta good luck in Japanese and said to reach out if he ever were to run into any difficulties.

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| @InterFM897/Twitter

Changmin revealed that he is just as much a fan of Yuta’s as he is of his. He said that he listens to WayV‘s “Kick It” a lot. He even watches performances!

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| @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Both Yuta and Changmin are successful fans!