In one of their live broadcast, NCT‘s Doyoung and Taeyong reflected back on their days as trainees.

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During their live broadcast, Taeyong shared that he wanted to practice some dance moves. Instead of doing it alone, Taeyong asked Doyoung if he’d want to practice together with him.

I do want to practice on the dance moves more. Want to do it together?

— Taeyong

Doyoung replied and agreed to practice with Taeyong. Though he agreed to practice together, Taeyong jokingly shared that Doyoung only agreed because they were doing a live broadcast.

You only say, ‘Sure,’ here, then, If I go, ‘We need to practice together’ You’ll be like, ‘No, I won’t.’

— Taeyong

Taeyong stated that practicing is more fun together, however, Doyoung claimed, “No, it’s not fun when it’s with you.” Poor Taeyong replied, “Is that so?” Of course, the two were just messing around with each other and it’s too cute.

Doyoung further teased Taeyong and shared the reason for not wanting to practice with him was due to memories of their trainee days.

Because I have so many memories of you scolding me hard when I was a trainee. Thinking back to those days…No, no.

— Doyoung

Taeyong adorably laughed at Doyoung’s comment. The two are obviously close as they have proved their close friendship numerous times!