NCT member Mark talked about his close friendship with EXO’s Xiumin in a recent interview.

Xiumin first came up in the interview when Mark was asked about his most memorable birthday gift. Mark responded, “EXO’s Xiumin bought me an expensive pair of earphones. Before my birthday, he sent me a KakaoTalk message asking me what I wanted [for my birthday]. I replied ‘It’s okay~,’ but he said, ‘I’m not joking.’”

He continued, “Again, I said it’s okay, but he instead asked me, ‘What kind of earphones do you use?’ So I told him, and he ended up buying me something way better. At the time, he said, ‘I can’t give it to you personally right away, so I will give it to my manager to give it to you. Even if you don’t get it on the day of your birthday, I hope you will understand.’ But surprisingly, it came into my possession right on my birthday. It was really nice. I even wore it on stage before.”

“Xiumin’s birthday is on March 26, right? I haven’t forgotten, and remember it,” Mark added.

The interviewer commented that he has a close relationship with Xiumin. Mark explained, “I came to SM [Entertainment] as a Korean trainee when Xiumin debuted with ‘MAMA.’ Back then, EXO members would give us hats and things when they visited our practice room. When I came back from Canada, they would start up conversations with me and say, ‘Hey, you got taller.’”

Mark said he got close to Xiumin by chance after their trainer introduced the two singers to each other. The NCT member also expressed disbelief that they released a song together this year, commenting, “To think that I got to do a SM STATION [track] with Xiumin. I’m really amazed. We used to meet in practice rooms when I was just a baby trainee, and now we’ve even released a song together!”

In July 2017, Xiumin and Mark released the track “Young & Free” on SM STATION. Check out the MV here!

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