NCT DREAM‘s Chenle is Akdong Seoul‘s current radio DJ, and in his latest episode read a comment that had NCTzens outraged.

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Chenle on “Akdong Seoul” | NCT/YouTube

The radio listener had commented that Chenle gained weight, to which he responded by saying that he will start a diet.

Chenle: Just now someone said I gained weight… I will start a diet tomorrow! Originally I only eat 2 meals a day, but starting from tomorrow I will eat one meal a day!

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The comment had NCTzens trending “#YouDontNeedToDietChenle” on Twitter to show their love and support for him and insist that he is perfect the way he is. Many fans expressed their anger at the commenter, as well as their concern for Chenle’s health.