On March 22, Nell released the teaser video for “Slip Away,” their first single in nearly four years. In the two minute video filmed in New York City, Nell put together behind-the-scene shots of the group recording their new song as well as never-before-seen footage of the group taking a break from their busy schedules.

From the two minute teaser, you get the sense that “Slip Away” is another modern rock number with Nell’s trademark mixture of guitar, piano, and slow beats. It’s dreamy overall concept fits perfectly well with the type of music Nell is best known for, increasing the anticipation level for the group’s impending return.

The next teaser for “Slip Away” will be released on March 26, with three more videos coming each of the following Mondays. Nell had suspended all activities in 2008 following the group members’ enlistment in Korean army. Perhaps one of the best modern rock bands in Korea, Nell has released countless hit singles, including “Stay,” “The Trace,” and “Recede.”