Well-known singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado sang PSY’sGangnam Style” at her latest concert and it’s becoming a hot issue.

Her performing “Gangnam Style” in English at Manila, Philippines has recently been shown on YouTube and it looks like she even followed the popular horse dance choreography.

Famous people like T-Pain and highly influential news-sites like CNN have talked about “Gangnam Style” and they have even made parodies cementing the popularity of the song.

A Grammy Awards winner, Nelly Furtado mentioned “Gangnam Style” in Singapore on the 13th at a press conference for her new album promotion with the Asian Media.

She mentioned “I watched an impressive Korean Music Video. The horse dance left a good impression,” and included that she “usually is interested in Korean Pop and enjoys searching for Korean BBQ restaurants in Vancouver.”

Nelly Furtado is planning to make a big comeback and will release her new album in mid-September after 3 years.