Netflix’s variety show “Busted!” will be getting a second season!

The show confirmed its renewal on May 31, to the delight of many viewers. “Busted!” is a investigative variety show that features a motley crew of seven celebrity “detectives” who try to solve different cases as they arise every episode. It is directed by notable producing directors (PD) like Jo Hyo Jin, Jang Hyuk Jae, and Kim Joo Hyung and produced by Company Sang Sang.

Company Sang Sang’s CEO Jang Hyuk Jae commented, “I want to sincerely thank everyone around the world for their interest and love for ‘Busted!’ I will repay everyone by meeting expectations with a higher level of completion and more laughs in season two.”

PD Jo Hyo Jin expressed, “It was awkward at first because it was a somewhat new attempt at combining variety shows with simulated reality, and there were probably many aspects that were lacking, but I am happy that to have another opportunity to explore different stories. I actually have more stories that I wanted to show if we were to be renewed for a second season. We will carefully consider, prepare, and return with more original plots and entertainment in season two.”

The first season of “Busted!” will release its last two episodes on June 1.

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