JYP Entertainment recently decided to take action against netizens posting negative comments about 2PM, sparked by a netizen who posted an insult about 2PM Jun.K‘s father.

The agency stated, “On May 29, 2015, we filed a lawsuit for defamation and damaging one’s reputation against all the netizens posting negative comments about 2PM. This group had to go through years of insults about looks, their individual families, and more.”

The one comment that really sparked this action is about 2PM’s Jun.K’s father that read, “I congratulate the accused Kim Min Joon on the day of his father’s death ^^ Congratulations on the death of your father ^^ Congratulations on getting your condolence money ^^”

The agency explains, “[The netizen] greatly insulted and belittled Kim Min Joon [Jun.K] and his family by posting this.”

In JYP Entertainment’s official statement, it says, “[The netizen] also uploaded a gruesome picture of skulls and remaining ashes, calling it the body of Kim Min Joon’s [Jun.K’s] father. This kind of action is downright unacceptable in society.”

It continues, “We will act against any and all insults made against our housed artists, and we will not hesitate in our actions to those who spread false or negative information about them.”

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