An anonymous Korean online shopper’s most unexpected surprise in the mail now has the internet cracking up out of control. This person, inspired by the movie Frozen 2, decided to order a beautiful Elsa poster — not knowing that was the beginning of the most chilling experience.

elsa jyp 1


A few days later, the poster arrived:

elsa jyp 2


And no, that is not Elsa whatsoever. The shopper was shook by the visual and reached out to a friend in complete panic.

elsa jyp 4
*Being a “Power Store” is similar to being a verified seller.


When the shopper asked the seller for an explanation of what happened…

elsa jyp 3


… the seller apologized for the irreversible trauma.

elsa jyp 5


And the internet remains bamboozled by the fact that someone was actually waiting for a half-naked JYP to arrive in the mail.

jyp comments


Meanwhile, here’s how it looked on the wall alongside other posters the shopper owns:

elsa jyp final


Okay, so he really can’t stay.

elsa jyp 7


Sorry, JYP.