aespa has only recently debuted and they’ve been smashing records everywhere! They have been ranking on all major websites for a multitude of reasons and this time, it is no different.

aespa nate
| Nate

The reason why aespa is making headlines this time around is because netizens recently discovered that aespa’s Ningning resembles BLACKPINK‘s Jennie!

the qoo ning ning
| theqoo

The photo above of Ningning’s photos has been circulating online due to her strong resemblance to the ever popular member of BLACKPINK. Netizens agreed that the similarities are eerie.

jennie tistory
| Tistory

Let’s take a look and see what they had to say.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 4.06.14 PM
| theqoo

  • “I didn’t think they looked alike at first but she definitely has a bit of Jennie vibes”
  • “I can see it”
  • “Her chubby cheeks are just like Jennie’s ha ha ha”

| theqoo

  • “When she was stage, I saw Jennie”
  • “Looks alike”
  • “Every time I watched their music video I thought this exact thing ha ha “


They do seem to have similar features that are hard to ignore. This is aespa’s Ningning…

ning ning
| theqoo

…and this is BLACKPINK’s Jennie! Obviously, there is a difference between the two gorgeous gals but the resemblance is definitely present.

jennier naver1
| Naver

Wow, what a compliment to Ning Ning! Do you guys see the similarities between the two beauties?