On August 29, the girls of T-ara released a handwritten letter to their fans on their official website, apologizing for disappointing fans with the recent controversy. However, more controversy ensued as netizens began questioning whether the letter was authentic. Initially, Core Contents Media (CCM) did not state who wrote the letter, which was simply signed “From all of T-ara” at the bottom, adding more doubts.

Several netizens tried to prove that the letter was not written by any member of T-ara by comparing it with their previous handwritten materials. Netizens dug up old screenshots of TV programs that aired girls’ handwritten letters, as well as signed letters and notes, claiming that someone else from CCM wrote the apology.

Some of the netizens’ comments included, “If they didn’t write it, they have some nerve,” “For their sake, I hope that isn’t the case,” “I don’t know what to believe,” “A September comeback is still too early, and this letter can only be seen as a procedure so that they can go ahead with their comeback,” and more.

On August 30, CCM issued a statement regarding the handwritten letter. It read, “T-ara’s apology was written by the group’s oldest sister, Q-ri. All the members got together to pitch in, and it was Q-ri who wrote the letter in behalf of the group.

Meanwhile, T-ara will release their 7th mini album, “Mirage” on September 3.