“T-ara Controversy” has affected almost every aspect of Korean society, including the official website of the National Police Agency. As the remaining members of T-ara are continuously criticized for allegedly bullying Hwayoung and denying such allegations, they have been losing their endorsement deals. Of all of T-ara’s endorsement deals, netizens are especially irked by Eunjung‘s appearance on the official website of the National Police Agency as the honorary ambassador of the organization.

In Mach 2011, Eunjung stated, “As the honorary ambassador of the National Police Agency, I will do my best to eradicate bullying and other school related violences.” Now that she is pegged as the bully, many netizens are frustrated at the irony presented by National Police Agency’s website.  Since the initial breakout of the “T-ara Controversy,” frustrated netizens and school parents are writing on the National Police Agency website asking them to remove Eunjung’s pictures and revoke Eunjung’s status as the honorary ambassador of the organization.

A netizen who mentioned that he used to be a conscripted policeman wrote, “This is very problematic to have a bully promote justice with the National Police Agency.” Another netizen commented, “Although the exact nature of ‘T-ara Controversy’ is yet to be determined, it is still not okay for the National Police Agency to have someone who has caused such a big social controversy represent themselves.”

As they have been getting an overwhelming number of complaints online, the National Police Agency’s website master published an announcement on August 1 stating, “We have asked the homepage’s production company to replace all the pictures of the honorary ambassador online this afternoon.” A little after noon, the National Police Agency’s homepage shows f(x)‘s Krystal in a police uniform, instead of Eunjung. The website master explained, “Eunjung’s term as the organization’s honorary ambassador expired in March and we have appointed f(x)’s Krystal as the new ambassador in April. We haven’t been able to promptly change the picture on our website due to an issue with our contract with the website’s production company. However, as ‘T-ara Controversy’ broke out and is affecting our credentials, we asked them to change the layout and pictures as soon as possible.”

Netizens commented on the organization’s quick and responsive action, “Finally, Eunjung’s pictures have been deleted from that website,” “As their fans intended, she’s out!” and “Why don’t you use Hwayoung as your website’s model instead?”