A post titled, “A Figure Skating Talent Snatched Up By The Idol Industry” has taken over online communities.





In the viral post, an idol could be seen nailing some difficult dance moves.




Not only were his moves powerful, but his turns blew netizens’ minds.


His turns reminded many of professional figure skaters.

The idol in question? It’s none other than SHINee‘s Taemin.


Everybody knows Taemin is an outstanding dancer in the world of K-Pop.


But his elegant spins in his new choreography video for “Criminal” has fans wondering if the world of figure skating lost a natural talent to the idol industry.


Some of the comments include “Taemin’s spins are probably extra pretty because his movement lines are always gorgeous“, “What shoes is his wearing to spin like that?“, and “He spins in such an elegant way“.


Check out the full choreography below: