On an online community, a capture of what seems to be a news article by Newsnack Korea was circulating. The original article was misleadingly captioned, “BLACKPINK Jennie‘s 2021 Photo Updates Make Netizens Worry That She Gained Weight“.

| theqoo

The photo used by the article however, was one that Jennie had uploaded in a New Year’s Greeting on Instagram. Her lovable mandu cheeks are out on full display, while her body remains as slim as ever.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

This led fans to be outraged at the false claims by the news site.

  • “Where in the world did she gain weight”
  • “The journalist created the controversy…there’s absolutely no controversy”
  • “Ok so show us the weight gain now. Where did she even gain weight”
  • “What are they saying really”
  • “What sh*t. Is it even something to worry about if she gains weight? In case it’s obesity? Health issues? Y’all are crazy really”
  • “We would be worrying if she loses weight instead. Praise her if she gains weight.”

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| theqoo

  • “Isn’t that from Facebook? Originally those places create fusses out of nothing.”
  • “Ah what are they saying”
  • “If that’s gaining weight…what about me…”
  • “What sh*t are they talking”
  • “Her cheeks are abundant and her chest is large so… I’m jealous. Everywhere else is skinny.”
  • “What fat… she’s so cute”
  • “Even if she has cheeks her face is small. She only has chubby cheeks”
  • “Why would we worry even if she really did gain weight”

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| theqoo

One thing’s for sure! Jennie looks absolutely gorgeous no matter what.