After missing her court date for charges against her for smoking marijuana, Bianca Mobley of “Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies” was seen relaxing by a pool, which outraged many netizens.

Bianca’s current whereabouts were revealed through an SNS post. One of Bianca’s friends posted a photo of her group of friends, including Bianca, relaxing by the pool.

Bianca Mobley was charged with smoking marijuana on February 28 but failed to show up for her court dates on three counts after flying back to the US.

As of the moment, the court has issued a warrant of arrest for Bianca.

Some netizens’ comments include, “Bianca is unbelievable,” “I can’t believe she broke the law, escaped overseas and is living freely,” “She needs to be summoned back to Korea and be punished,” and many more.

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