A photo is circulating online and netizens can’t figure out who this idol is!


This photo has been creating quite a buzz online amongst netizens due to its puzzling nature. Netizens can’t seem to figure out if this photo is of Red Velvet‘s Joy,

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IZ*ONE‘s Minju,

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or DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon!

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The photo shows a female idol covering her mouth while laughing. Her eye smile and gorgeous long locks can be seen full force in the picture. While it may seem like an easy answer, because the idol is covering half of her face it’s hard to tell who the person is! While netizens guessed between Joy, Kim Minju and Jung Chaeyeon, the answer was revealed to be…





Red Velvet member, Joy! The photo was from her time on the MBC variety program, We Got Married. The Red Velvet member was formerly “married” to BTOB member, Yook Sungjae for the duration of the program.

Joy on “We Got Married” MBC

The mystery has been solved. What do you all think? Did you guess correctly?