Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and actor Go Kyung Pyo recently posed for a photo shoot together, and fans are here for it!

The two actors are playing the lead roles for their upcoming new JTBC drama Personal Life, and shot a pictorial for Marie Claire Korea!

seohyun gyungpyo 2

Netizens began raving about the visual chemistry between the two in the photoshoot, and were filled with compliments for the two!

seohyun gyungpyo 3

seohyun gyungpyo 4

They also complimented their solo shots, and couldn’t help but be in awe of how their visuals give similar vibes, and work well together!

seohyun gyungpyo 5
| Marie Claire Korea

seohyun gyungpyo 8
| Marie Claire Korea

seohyun gyungpyo 7
| Marie Claire Korea

seohyun gyungpyo 6
| Marie Claire Korea

They left comments about their thoughts on the pictorial visuals!

The combination of their visual is seriously driving me crazy…

I haven’t seen them doing their dialogues at all, but I can tell that they have excellent chemistry…

I’m already loving this drama!!!


Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo also recently walked the red carpet together at the 56th Baeksang Art Awards, and were a total hit at the event!

seohyun gyungpyo 1

seohyun gyungpyo 13

seohyun gyungpyo 12

seohyun gyungpyo 9

seohyun gyungpyo 10


The two actors are playing the lead roles for the drama Personal Life, and will show off their “newly-wed” chemistry in the drama!

Watch the teaser for it here!