SM Entertainment just released two of the members for their new girl group aespa and it became a hot issue, exciting everyone all around. However, this time the chatter is not out of excitement but rather curiosity because they believe the two members, Karina and Winter look eerily alike.

winter 2
Winter | SM Entertainment

Karina | SM Entertainment

Here’s what netizens had to say:

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 1.38.49 PM
| theqoo

  • Winter is prettier
  • It’s not that I can’t tell them apart but I think they just have a really similar image…I wonder if the rest of the members will too
  • It happened with Yuri/Yoona and Red Velvet. There are members who look similar but as time goes on you take it all back. It’s because they style them similarly for their debut concept.
  • Crazy crazy
  • Red Velvet also heard that all 4 members look similar
  • Wow but Winter is really pretty
  • Honestly, I thought they were the same girl
  • Usually with these photos, the photo correction is so heavy you can’t tell
  • We’ll only be able to tell in videos


aespa 2
| theqoo

  • They look like avatars
  • They look alike
  • Maybe it’s the angle but they’re both pretty
  • Are they actually different people? What if the end reveal is that it’s actually a solo artist? And the concept is that they release photos pretending its multiple members
  • They resemble Taeyeon
  • Are they twins?
  • Winter looks like Lee Ji Hye
  • The both of them have similar noses
  • Their noses are the same
  • But really I can’t tell them apart. If no one told me, I would’ve guessed they were siblings

karina winter
Winter left, Karina right | SM Entertainment

Do you agree with K-netizens?