Scene 21,” the news crew that confronted Se7en and Sangchu at the adult massage parlor, is making the news again, this time about themselves.

SBS recently announced the number of reporters on “Scene 21” will be reduced from twelve to eight people, but stated that it was just part of normal processing and had nothing to do recent incident involving the celebrity soldiers. 

However, netizens are not buying the denials that this staff change is a result of the scandal. The fact that reporter Kim Jung Yoon, a key player in revealing the situation of celebrity soldiers to light, had been moved to a different department has netizens making allegations that the company is covering up the true reasons. 

However, a representative of SBS denied the allegations. “It is true that reporter Kim Jung Yoon had requested to be moved to a different department on July 1. It was for his personal reasons. Kim Jung Yoon just happened to be one of the many employees part of the department changes.” He also explained that “Scene 21” had a large team and needed to be reduced anyway. 

In late June, “Scene 21” had been the team to report about the celebrity soldiers visiting adult massage parlors and raised questions about the situation of celebrity soldiers. The Ministry of Defense and the Secretary of Defense came under fire on various social networking sites because of the reports. The Secretary and the Ministry of Defense apologized for the scandal and started an investigation on celebrity soldiers. 

Meanwhile, reporter Kim Jung Yoon was the one who covered the “Celebrity Soldier’s Nightlife Entertainment” story that started it all, and has received a lot of attention for his news reporting. Because of this, the “perfect timing” of his transfer has caught the suspicion of netizens. Netizens have not held back in voicing their suspicion about the department transfer situation. 

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