Shofar Music recently announced that Woo Ji Yoon left BOL4, and that remaining member Ahn Ji Young would be continuing as a solo artist under the group’s name.


After the announcement was made, netizens uncovered proof of the mistreatment of Woo Ji Yoon by both fans and her agency.

bol4 ft

In a re-discovered clip from a BOL4 fansign event, a fan deliberately ignored Woo Ji Yoon after receiving an autograph from groupmate Ahn Ji Young. Netizens feel that it is apparent Woo Ji Yoon’s feelings were hurt by the fan’s action, as shown in the gif below:

Source: Pann Nate

Netizens were quick to slam the “fans” behavior, sympathizing with the way Woo Ji Yoon was treated.


In another separate incident, netizens uncovered a picture of the group being escorted by a manager in the rain. The manager holds the umbrella only over Ahn Ji Young, leaving Woo Ji Yoon to fend for herself and protect herself from the rain using a checked cloth.


Are you a fan of BOL4? How do you feel about what netizens uncovered?