On September 25, fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar released a pictorial featuring Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko. The photos show the veteran rapper looking every inch the fashionable hip-hop icon as he poses in a red suit and fedora, hunting cap, and fur.

In the accompanying interview, Gaeko discussed the upcoming release of his new solo album “REDINGRAY” in October. The theme of the album deals with life in the city, living somewhere between black and white, and the red of a man’s inherent desires. “More than a solo album, ‘REDINGRAY’ is a personal emotional release. In my lyrics I talk about the parts of myself I don’t know. my cynical side, my desires, my ambitions, and my anger,” the rapper said.

The album release will be accompanied by the opening of “REDINGRAY: THE WAVE” at Seoul’s Sinsajang wave. The exhibit will feature facilities, movies, and pictures designed together with Zion. T, toy artist GFX, photographer Hong Jang Hyun, and interior designer Ma Young Beom in the theme of “Gaeko’s loft.”

“My goal with this exhibit was for people to be able to experience my music in ways other than through hearing,” he said. “I didn’t set out to create a great or profound work of art, but rather a special and visual experience. My greatest hope is that the exhibit expresses my natural self,” he explained.

The pictorial and interview will be released in the October issue of Bazaar.