Fly To The Sky Vol. 8 – Decennium (February 13)
01 Decennium
02 Corner
03 Close to You (feat Dynamic Duo)
04 Leave, You
05 Good Girl
06 Song For You
07 Looking for Enjoyment (feat. Leessang’s Gary)
08 Alcohol
09 Last Prayer
10 It Must Be Love
11 Sorry Tears
12 A Whole Note

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It’s been 10 years since duo Fly to the Sky started out in the music industry and they are to release their 8th album. In order to show new character, different styles of music were experimented. For example, besides the title track Corner, which was composed by the famous Jo Young Soo, songs like Close to You, which features Dynamic Duo, and Looking For Enjoyment featuring Gary of Leessang, are of hip-hop dance styles. In addition, Fly to the Sky worked with members of Wanted and Brown Eyed Soul to bring new colors. The title track, Corner, has a jazzy melody and is of the R&B genre.





U-Kiss – Bring It Back To Old School (February 11)
01 Intro (On Fire)
02 I Like You
03 Talk to Me
04 I Like You (Inst)

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U-Kiss have returned with their 2nd single album, which is of the 90s style. The title track, I Like You, was composed by the Brave Brothers, who also wrote songs for Son Dambi, Brown Eyed Girls, and Big Bang.  The song has old school hip-hop sounds from the 1980s, along with bokgo sounds to fit the current Korean music trend. The group’s style is of luxury vintage, where the boys are to wear futuristic clothes.





SG Wannabe & Sook Hee: single (released)
01 Say Goodbye Smiling
02 Girl From the Heavens (feat. PK Hae Man)
03 Say Goodbye Smiling
04 Girl From the Heavens (Inst)

Say Goodbye Smiling is a song about old love that anyone from teens to 40s can enjoy. It incorporates trendy electronica along with rock ballad sounds. Girl From the Heavens, on the other hand, is Sook Hee’s first song where she can showcase her vocal talents. Rapper PK Haeman takes part in the song.





Narcia and Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) – Sudden Song (released)
01 Sudden Song
02 Sudden Song (Inst)

Sudden Song is the logo song for the Anti Illegal Downloading Campaign, composed by Kim Gun Woo and penned by Miryo. The song promotes the protection of music and will be aired on mnet and KM. The lyrics are easy to sing along to.





2AM (Jo Kwon & Chang Min) – Graduation (released)
01 Graduation

After 8 years of training, 2AM made their debut last July with This Song. This month, members Jo Kwon and Chang Min have a special gift which is part of the SWEATER project. The two are the first guests with the song Graduation. The song is a remake of Kim Dong Ryul’s number of the same title and the 2AM members have re-sung it with a new color.





Wax (single) – Not Even a Call (released)
01 Not Even a Call
02 Not Even a Call (Inst)

After releasing her 7th album with the title track Woman Eats Love, Wax has returned with a single, Not Even a Call. This digital single was composed by Min Myung Ki, who also wrote hit songs such as Gavy NJ’s Remember and SG Wannabe’s Lalala. Unlike typical ballads, this song samples Bach’s Music Note for Anna Magdalene and incorporates Miss S’ rap. Famous director Yang Jin Ho, who also directed Lee Juck’s It’s a Relief video, is in charge of the music video.





Other releases:


Jang Yoon Jung (single) – 애원 (released)

Ajoo (single) – 재벌2세 (released)

Jang Keun Suk (single) – 옙틱 & 헵틱 러브 (released)

Bless-Q – Day By Day (February 9)

Davina – Black Label (February 10)

Maximum Crew (mini-album) – 삐에로 (February 11)

D.N.G – Music Revolution (February 11)

Apollo 18 – Apollo 18 (February 12)

Green Face Vol. 1.5 – 외도 (February 12)

Leo Kekoa Vol. 2 – 검은띠 (February 12)

Cloudancer – A Walk In The Cloud (February 12)

Basement Killer – Pull The Trigger (February 13)

Born Kim (mini-album) – Begin Legend (Fenruary 13)




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