Jewelry S – Sweet Song (February 4)
01 Date
02 Listen to It
03 I Like You More
04 Date (Inst with Chorus)
05 Listen to It (Inst with Chorus)
06 I Like You More (Inst with Chorus)

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In 2008, two new members, Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yun, joined Jewelry and had much success with their fifth album, One More Time. This year, the two new members have now made a sub group, Jewelry S, to show a sweet and cute side of them. The title track is Date, which was composed by the hitmakers who have also produced Everyone Sh! and L.O.V.E. It is a cute song about the nervousness girls feel when talking about their crushes and the confession that goes along with it. The other two Jewelry members have also helped out: Park Jung Ah has taken part in the music video while Seo In Young helped with the dance choreography.




Byul Vol. 5 – Like A Star Primary (February 6)
01 For 6 Years
02 Let’s Be Happy
03 When I Watch a Drama
04 Greeting
05 Don’t Be Mad Anymore
06 Humming feat. Tei
07 You Are Leaving feat. Park Jang Geun
08 Don’t Make Her Cry
09 Bikini
10 I Love U
11 Say Something
12 Kiss Day
13 Hymn

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After releasing songs from the Like a Star series, Byul has finally returned with her fifth studio album as a completion of the sequence. With songs like Showcase and Bikini, Byul was able to show different concepts and colors of her. This album shows the side Byul is known for, as well as her new sides that she has been developing over her six-year career. Byul has taken part in producing the album, composed 3 songs, and penned all the lyrics. The title track is “When I Watch a Drama”, which exudes a dramatic movie feel, while “Don’t Make Her Cry” and “Say Something” show the singer-songwriter side of Byul. There are a total of 13 tracks.




KCM (mini-album) – Espresso (February 4)
01 To Be Far Away
02 Cry Baby
03 Do Good While I’m Still Here (feat. Ha Joo Yun of Jewelry, Suho)
04 To Stand Alone
05 How Much Do You Have to Love
06 Espresso
07 Like a Habit
08 All I Need Is You (All Star Vol. 2)
09 Promise (East of Eden OST)
10 To Be Far Away (Piano Ver)
11 Cry Baby (Piano Ver)

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Ballad Prince, KCM has finally returned with a mini album, Espresso. Top composers Jo Young Soo and Min Myung Ki participated in the album, presenting him with great songs and lyrics, while lyricists Yoon Sara, Hwa Rang, Hwang Sung Jin and Ahn Young Min also took part. The album features Suho and Ha Joo Yun of Jewelry, who also helped out. Despite being a mini album, Espresso contains a total of 11 tracks. The reason the album is considered a mini is because there are 7 new tracks, one song from Jo Young Soo’s All Star Vol. 2 Album, one song from the East of Eden soundtrack, and two piano versions. Each of the songs was precious and so it was very hard for KCM to cut down on the number of tracks. The title track is To Be Far Away, where a 50-member orchestra and acoustic took part in harmonizing. Again, composed by Jo Young Soo, the storyline is about a lover enduring the pain after a breakup and wishing happiness for the ex. The second single is Cry Baby, which was composed by Min Myung Ki. The song is about a person who cries every night due to loneliness after he finds out his lover has found a new love.




Hwa Yobi (mini-album) – This Is Love (February 6)
01 This Is Love
02 Let’s Love (feat. Supreme Team)
03 Half
04 Don’t Trust in Love
05 Bad Lady
06 Half (Acoustic Ver)

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We Got Married’s “dog poop” Hwayobi sings about love!

Hwayobi, who has received much love through the show We Got Married, has returned as a singer. The title track is Half, which is about a woman whose life gets complicated after she falls in love with a man who is already taken. It was composed by Jun Hae Sung, who also wrote Yoon Do Hyun’s I Must Have Loved and Lee Seung Chul’s Long Day, while Hwayobi personally penned the lyrics. There is also an acoustic version of the song which shows another side to it. “Let’s Love”, on the other hand, which was sung for the We Got Married Show, depicts Hwayobi well and is a love story with harmonica arrangements and hip-hop sounds. The last song to mention is This Is Love, which was produced by Gary Haase, who has also done works for Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, and Nsync.





Ji Sun Vol. 1 – The Mermaid… Comes Back Home (February 4)
01 Someone Somewhere Someday
02 The Mermaid…Comes Back Home
03 Hello Heart
04  Roller Coaster Love
05 Universe
06 Windflower (feat. Alex)
07 He Doesn’t Love You.
08 I Miss You.
09 Earthling
10 Phony War
11 The Truth of Our Shared Love
12 L O V E
13 Polaris

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Loveholic’s main vocalist, Ji Sun, who is known for her sweet yet dreamy voice, finally returns to the music scene with her debut solo album. Ji Sun had debuted in 2003 in the band Loveholic and in 2006 won best rock band. She has also sung for many drama series, movies, and commercials such as My Name is Kim Sam Soon, One Fine Day, and Snow Queen. Leaving her comfortable zone in Loveholic, Ji Sun changed companies to Woolim Entertainment where Nell and Epik High are. There, she began preparing for her solo album. Like how she prepared for her debut album six years ago, Ji Sun put in much effort to bring out music suitable to her. The title track is The Mermaid…Comes Back Home. The title is derived from the fairytale Little Mermaid. In the story, Little Mermaid fails at love and returns to the ocean as sea foam. However, there are still some mermaids out there who have found love and are living their innocent lives as humans. Because these mermaids are so innocent, they love through the heart and not through the mind, causing them to be more vulnerable to hurt, tears, and loneliness. This song takes upon this tale.





Dae Sung (single) –Success (released)
01 Success

Daesung, who had released “Look at Me Gwisoon”, has returned with another trot number “Success”. Last time, Daesung had given a great performance with Look At Me Gwison, something very different from his music with Big Bang. Success, which was composed by G-Dragon, is dedicated to fellow citizens who are having a hard time. It is a song with fun dance choreography and will be performed from Jan 30 to Feb 1 at Big Bang’s concert, 2009 Big Show.







Other releases:


Downhell – Karma (February 5)

SuHo – Lovely (February 6)

Phonebooth Vol. 1 – The Way To Live On (February 6)

Tae.1 Vol. 2 – Bad Man (February 6)



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