Lee Seung Chul Vol. 10 – Mutopia (May 6)
01 My Nails Came Off
02 In the Love
03 When I Turn Around
04 Reggae Night
05 My Tears Are Flowing Because of You
06 Hey Love…
07 How Much More Do I Have to Cry
08 Love Is
09 Have You Already Forgotten
10 My Girl
11 Are You Listening
12 There Is No Other Love Like This
13 Moving Star

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The king of Korean music, Lee Seung Chul, has returned with his 10th album this month. The album is titled Mutopia, mixing the two words “music” and “utopia” together to show fans the journey music has taken him throughout his life. The title track is “My Nails Came Off”, which was composed by Jun Hae Sung, who also wrote the song “Long Day.” The song has a rock style to it.





Chae Yeon (mini-album) – Shake (May 7)
01 Shake
02 Ooh La la
03 Hey Stupid
04 Breakup Hunch
05 Change
06 Clumsy Breakup
07 Let’s Forget
08 Shake (DJ Koo Club Radio Remix)
09 Shake (DJ Koo Club Extend Remix)
10 Ooh La la (Club Radio Remix Version)
11 Ooh La la (Club Extend Remix Version)

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Chae Yeon, who has been in the music industry for almost six years, finally returns this May with a new mini album! There are a total of 11 tracks, four of them being remixes. The title track is Shake, which will be perfect for the beginning of summer. Another song worth mentioning is Ooh La la, which has strong rhythms that will capture listeners’ ears. It also has Europe Electro House sounds.





Han Kyung Il (single) – Sensibility (released)
01 I Know
02 The Entire Day
03 I Know (Inst)
04 The Entire Day (Inst)

Han Kyung Il comes to us with a new digital single, which is about one’s sad heart after a breakup. There are two songs in this single, the first one being I Know. It was composed by Kim Ee Suk and penned by Jo In Young. One can hear the strings accompany Han’s sad vocals.





Haptic Mission O.S.T (single) (released)
01 Mission No. 4 – Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, Son Dambi
02 Talk In Love – Son Dambi, Kim Jun
03 Rolling Callin Darling – Son Dambi, Kim Hyun Joong

Hot female star Son Dambi, who recently released her new single Saturday Night, and “pretty boy” members Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Jun have been the selected to promote Anycall. Following Anyband’s footsteps, the four have collaborated with their new song Mission No. 4, which features the vocals of Hyun Joong, Jun, and Dambi. It was composed by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Jae Myung. The song is a dance track with funky rhythms and it uses the synthesizer.





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Kebee Vol. 3 – The Passage (May 7)

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Shim Hyun Bo (mini-album) – Where The Dream Goes? (May 7)

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