Jun Jin (mini-album) – Fascination (May 15)
01 Like a Fool (feat. Lee Si Young, PS JUN)
02 Hey Ya! (feat. Son Dambi, Big Tone)
03 Happy Ending (feat. Kim Hee Sun)
04 Love Me
05 I Don’t Love You

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Jun Jin returns with much energy with a new mini album, titled Fascination. Last year, Jun Jin came to fans with Wa, which had lots of success. Fascination is an upgrade of his last, which will appeal to fans’ ears and eyes. The first song, Like a Fool, has already been aired through the show We Got Married; it features Lee Si Young and Jun Jin’s long time friend, PS JUN. The title track is Hey Ya!, which was composed by Park Tae Hyun, who is responsible for other hits like Ivy’s Sonata of Temptation and Lee Hyori’s Anyclub. The song features Son Dambi, who has gained much fame currently in the entertainment business.





2NE1 (single) – Fire (released)
01 Fire

Rookie group 2NE1, which consist of four members CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Gong Min Ji, debut with their first single, FIRE. Even before their debut, 2NE1 had garnered much interest through their song Lollipop, which was a collaboration with Big Bang. FIRE has some African elements and rhythms, along with hiphop synce. The melody is of the reggae genre. The song was composed by Teddy, who has also written Taeyang’s Look At Only Me and Prayer, and Uhm Jung Hwa’s DISCO.





See Ya + Davichi + T-Ara (single) – Women’s Generation / Eternal Love (released)
01 Women’s Generation
02 Eternal Love

Seeya and Davichi have joined forces in their new digital single, Women’s Generation/Eternal Love. Both songs are of the same melody, but with different lyrics, and the girls’ vocals flow well with it. In addition to Seeya and Davichi, there’s a new member, Ji-Yun of T-ara, who is to replace Nam Gyuri of Seeya. T-ara is from Mnet Media’s 5-member female group, and has been training for three years. This group not only has singers, but movie and drama actresses.





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