SHINee mini-album Vol. 2 – Romeo (May 26)
01 Talk to You
02 Juliette
03 Hit Me Baby
04 Senorita
05 Please, Don’t Go
06 Romeo + Juliette

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SHINee return to the music scene as the 21st-century Romeo through their second mini album, titled Romeo. The boys had debuted last year May with their first title track, Noona’s So Pretty, and continued with their first album, with singles Love Like Oxygen and Amigo. The title track for this album, Juliette, was composed by Remee, who also wrote BoA’s Eat You Up and DBSG’s Mirotic. The song was originally released last year by Corbin Bleu (titled Deal With It) but SHINee have given a new flavor to it by remaking it. Another song worth mentioning is Hit Me Baby, which was composed by Kenzie, and showcases the boys’ R&B vocals.





Lee Jung Hyun (mini-album) – Avaholic (released)
01 Vogue Girl
02 Crazy
03 You’re Mine
04 2night
05 Miro I
06 Miro II

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Lee Jung Hyun finally makes a comeback after 2 years and 7 months with a new mini album, Avaholic. Listeners can hear a different side of her in all six songs. In addition, Lee Jung Hyun took part in the production and art direction of the album as she had changed entertainment companies. The concept for this album is modern Marie Antoinette and the photo shoot was taken by Ken Sax, who has also worked for Britney Spears, Will Smith, Sting, Tom Hanks and other celebrities. The title track is Crazy, which was composed and written by E-Tribe. The song has R&B and hip-hop sounds with some rock edge to it. There are strong beats to it. The use of synthesizer complements Lee Jung Hyun’s vocals. With just one listen, fans would definitely feel the name of the number: crazy. Others songs worth mentioning is 2night, which was also composed by E-Tribe, and Vogue Girl, which was composed by Lee Min Soo and penned by Kom Ina, who were also responsible for Brown Eyed Girls’ LOVE.





After School (single) – Dream Girl (released)
01 Dream Girl
02 Dream Girl (Inst)

After School, who start a trend every time they release new material, have come back with a new song titled Dream Girl for a special Korea-Japan joint audition project between Mnet Media and Morning Musume’s company. The song is a remake of Morning Musume’s Love Machine, which was one of group’s hit songs. This song has disco sounds and is of the electronica genre. After School, who are known for their sexiness like Pussycat Dolls, will show their cute side through this song.





Kim Bum Soo (single) – I Regret As Much as I Forget (released)
01 I Regret As Much As I Forget

Prince of ballads Kim Bum Soo has returned in the first half of 2009 with a new single, I Regret As Much as I Forget. Even before its release, fans and other singers alike have been waiting for it with much interest. The song is about thinking about a loved one after breaking up with her.





Baek Ji Young (single) –Princess Ja Myung Go OST (released)
01 Love Must Be a Sin
02 Love Must Be a Sin (Inst)

Baek Ji Young participates in the soundtrack for the SBS drama, Princess Ja Myung Go. The song is for Jung Ryeo Won’s theme, titled Love Must Be a Sin. The song is about the sad fate of Princess Ja Myung, who has no other choice but to stay strong for her country. The song was composed by Bang Shi Hyuk, who also wrote Baek’s song, Like Being Hit By a Bullet. It has the piano as well as an orchestra accompanying to create a beautiful melody.





Kim Tae Woo (single) – Memories and Recollection (released)
01 Memories and Recollection
02 Memories and Recollection (Inst)

Kim Tae Woo returns after a three-year break since the breakup of g.o.d and mandatory army service with a digital single, Memories and Recollection. This was originally supposed to be a surprise present for the ten-year friendship among the g.o.d members, as one can hear the voices of Tae Woo, Jun Hyun, Ho Young, and Danny. The song was composed by Lee Hyung Seung and penned by Tae Woo himself. The lyrics are about the great memories he had cherished over the years.





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