Ivy Vol. 3 – I Be (released)

01 Sensation
02 Crazy
03 Touch Me
04 Goodbye Tears
05 You are the Ace
06 Good
07 Why Am I the Only One Hurting
08 Adios
09 Because I’m a Girl
10 No (rap feat. Day Day)
11 Left 2 Right
12 A Person I have to Forget Anyway
13 Zoo (rap feat. Gilmi)
14 Peek-a-Boo
15 As You Can See
16 Touch Me (Electro Mix)
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October, Ivy finally returns with her third studio album. Not too long
ago, Ivy had released two digital single ballads, including “Goodbye
Tears”, which received a lot of interest among fans. This album showcases both
her innocence as well as her sexiness. The album title is “I Be” which
means I’m Ivy as well as I’m Starting and I Exist. Many famous
composers such as Psy, Shinsadong Tiger, An Young Min, Kim Do Hun, and
Park Geun Tae have taken part in this album, making it much mature and
powerful than her previous two. The title track is “Touch Me” which is a
pop number that has a simple melody with electronica sounds. It was
composed by Psy and Yoo Gun Hyung. Like her past hit, Sonata of
Temptation, Touch Me shows her sexiness and charisma only Ivy can bring

See Ya (mini-album) – Rebloom (released)

01 His Voice
02 Atcha!
03 Queen of Tears
04 Did You Believe in Cheating
05 T-Gana
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who first debuted in 2006 with their first album, A Woman’s Scent has
made a comeback with a new mini-album which includes new member, Sumi
who replaced former member, Nam Gyuri. The title track is His Voice
which was composed by Lee Minsu who has made Brown Eyed Girls’ LOVE and
Abracadabra. This song is catchy on first listen with a catchy melody
line, “Solgit Solgit, Holic Holic, Chullung Chullung.” Its fun lyrics
and vocals flow well in this electronic pop number.

Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 3 – Sound G (repack) (released)

01 Sign
02 Drunk With Sleep
03 Abracadabra Remix
04 Sign (Junjaman Remix)
05 Drunk With Sleep (Inst)
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last part of Brown Eyed Girls’ third album promotions has just begun.
This month, the girls are to start promoting their follow up single,
“Sign” which is of the emotional dance genre. The song was composed by
Lee Min Su who wrote “LOVE” and “Abracadabra” and penned by Kim Ina. The
melody line is bright with sweet yet refreshing up-tempo beats. Also
included in the album is ballad number, “Drunk With Sleep” which was
composed by G-Gorilla who produced rock bands Eve and Sprinkler. Each
of the members’ voices are showcased in this rock ballad. Remixes of
hit number “Abracadabra” and new single “Sign” are also in this album.

K Will Vol. 2 – Yearn Yearn Yearn (November 5)

01 Wind
02 Yearn Yearn Yearn
03 It’s All About Repetition
04 Hypnosis feat. Outsider
05 Tears Pond
06 Opposite of I Love You
07 The Once Quitted Smoking
08 Film Stopped
09 The Day I Didn’t Know of Breakup
10 Chocolate (Project: Color Chocolate)
11 My Last Love
12 Love Aftermath
13 Can I Not Love Again
14 Because I Couldn’t Say That I Loved You (Soul Special Ost)
15 Tree
16 Wish (King Sejong the Great OST)
17 My Heart is Crying
18 Yearn Yearn Yearn Inst
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Will, known for his emotional vocals and ballads has returned with much
passion with his sophomore album, Yearn Yearn Yearn. Top composers
including Hwang Chan Hee, Kim Do Hun, and Park Chang Hyun took part in
this album. Prior to this album, KWill had been releasing digital
singles and mini albums so it’s been two years and eight months since
his last full-length album. Through this 18-track album, fans can
listen to his matured vocals.

Yoon Gun (mini-album) – Like Latte (November 5)

01 Like Latte
02 비개인 하늘에
03 Because I Love, Everything’s Okay
04 One’s Standard
05 Like Latte (Inst)
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songwriter and member of Brown Eyes, Yoon Gun begins his activities
once again with a new mini-album, Like Latte. The title track is of the
same title which uses warm guitar sounds and has British pop styles.
The piano and Yoon Gun’s vocals mesh well with the lyrics of songs.

Park Bom (single) – You And I (released)

01 You and I

main vocalist, Park Bom has released her first solo digital single, “You
and I” which was composed and penned by Teddy who has also responsible
for “Lollipop,” “Fire,” “I Don’t Care,” and “Kiss.” The song is about a love
vow for endless love. Park Bom’s vocals are showcased in this R&B
hip-hop number.

Koyote (single) – Oh Yes! (released)

01 Oh, Yes!

group, Koyote makes a comeback with their new single, “Oh, Yes!” Lee Yong
Min who has made hits after hits for artists like Koyote, Jo Sung Mo,
and Kim Hyun Jung has composed this strong rhythmical number. Shinji’s
rich vocals and Bbaek Ga’s rap blend well in this dance track.

Other releases:

Ran (single) – I Love You (Part 1) (released)
M To M (single) – Goodbye (released)
Still Pm – Quarter: Love & Verse 1/4 (November 3)
Do Won Kyung (mini-album) – 착한 사람 (November 4)
Two Indian Vol. 1 – Speak (November 5)
2NB Vol. 2 – 2comfortable (November 5)
Crispy Rhodes mini-album Vol. 2 – Love Song (November 5)
Lee Young Hyun Vol. 1 – Take It (November 5)
Lee Jin Wook – Brilliant Yesterday (November 5)
Prelude Vol. 4 – Both Sides Of Prelude (November 5)
Astro Bits 2009 single (November 6)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations