Park Hyo Shin Vol. 6 – Gift Part 1 (September 16)

01 Gift
02 After Love
03 Wanting You
04 Strange
05 When Not Knowing Name
06 Deja-Vu
07 After Love INST
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Hyo Shin finally returns with his sixth album after a 2.5 year break.
Ever since his debut album in 1999 to this fifth and remake works, Park
has showcased his soulful voice. With these, he had many hits including
“Things I Can’t Do For You,” “Fool,” “Yearning,” and “Good Person.” It’s been
ten years since Park Hyo Shin’s debut and for this special date, he is
to release a special gift to his fans. This album is the first of two
parts of the sixth album which includes 6 songs and 2 instrumentals.
The title track of the album is “After Love” which has a ballad with
beautiful piano and orchestra melody. The next track is “Wanting You”
which is a medium tempo pop ballad which was composed by Jo Young Soo
and Ahn Young Min. The dramatic sounds will flow into listeners’ ears.

Tei Vol. 5.5 (mini-album) – The Shine 2009 (September 15)

01 Words That Hurt Me Most…Friend
02 Venomous
03 Mr. Lonely feat After School Becka RAP VER)
04 From the Heaven
05 Mr. Lonely
06 Venomous INST
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Tei has made a comeback with his 5.5 album. Tei had debuted in 2003
with his first album, Love Leaves a Scent, where he sold 200,000
copies. This mini album is called The Shine 2009 and it was produced by
Park Kyung Jin who has also helped artists such as Big Mama, Wheesung,
Gummy, and Wanted. The title track is “Venomous” which was penned by Park
Kyung Jin who’s known for works such as Gummy’s Just Forget Me and Kim
Chang Rak who is famous for the music he composed on Bae Yong Jun’s
homepage. One can hear Tei’s strong vocals through this track.

Ryan (Paran) mini-album – Ryan Learns To Love (released)

01 Intro
02 Very Good Person
03 Brag
04 Very Good Person INST
05 Brag INST
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artist, Ryan releases his first single this year. The first two tracks,
“Intro” and “Very Good Person” are very different from the styles popular
in the present idol world. Being the first of the group, Paran to go
solo, Ryan is to show his own charming voice through the song, Very
Good Person. The third song is Brag which was composed by Jung Yup of
Brown Eyed Soul. It has trendy R&B rhythms which is dynamic but
soft at the same time.

Tae Goon mini-album Vol. 3 (September 17)

01 The Beginning feat Hoo Ni Hoon, Sue Ann
02 Tricked (Narration of Lee Yo Won)
03 Tell Me
04 Finally
05 Step by Step
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Goon who showed great stage presence with his previous single has
returned with his third mini album. The title track is Tricked which
was composed by Kim Chang Dae who also wrote 2PM’s “I Hate You.” It is of
the hip-hop and house genres. The song is about a lying relationship
which the guy eventually confronts.

Sandara (single) – Kiss (released)

01 Kiss (feat CL)

had gained much love from fans with their first mini album. This month,
2NE1 member, Sandara releases a solo single called “Kiss.” This song was
composed by Teddy of YG Entertainment who has also created “Lollipop,”
“Fire,” and “I Don’t Care” for the girls. “Kiss” has danceable rhythm and
features CL of 2NE1’s rap. The song is about a girl’s wish for the guy
to come and kiss her.

Kim Bum Soo 10th anniversary digital single – Slow Man (released)

01 Slow Man feat. Chan Yang
02 How to Make Use of Sadness (Remix)
03 Slow Man INST

Bum Soo who is respected by fellow Korean musicians has returned in
celebration for his 10 year anniversary. He has released a digital
single first which goes by the title of “Slow Man.” The song is about
leaving one’s fast and hurried lifestyle behind and taking it slow, one
step at a time. The song was co-composed by VOS member, Choi Hyun Jun
and Kim Bum Soo himself.

Other releases:
Oh Jong Hyuk (single) – 상심; Heartbreak (released)
Ash & Yoon Do Hyun (single) – 미련도 사랑이다 (released)
Jang Keun Suk (single) – Just Drag (released)
Cheezstereo – Don’t Work Be Happy (September 12)
Chwi Rap Vol. 1 (September 14)
Von Vol. 1 – Cream (September 15)
Soul Dive Vol. 1 – Mad Scientist & Sweet Monsters (September 16)
Yoo Seung Chan (mini-album) – How Are Yoo? (September 16)
Lady Collection (mini-album) (September 17)
New Walking Vol. 1 – Feel At Ease (September 18)
DJ Zo (mini-album) – Impulse (September 18)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations